Gaea's Dawn: Silverlight Cave

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Gaea's Dawn: Silverlight Cave

Post  Tasloi on Wed Nov 23, 2011 1:08 pm

Stone Dweller (Level 49)
15,000 HP, Infinite Spirit
Stonebound Defenses - 148 Armor, 148 Ward, 10 Willpower
Magma Breath - 40 Magic
Magma Breath - 40 Magic
Earthpike - Deal magic equal to armor (up to 40)
Skyblast - Deal magic equal to ward (up to 40)
Cave In - [Consume up to 1 willpower, and for each do the following] 42 Magic (38% P)
Stabilize - The spirit attempts to recover from the defense loss [If Willpower and Armor and Ward are 0, lose 3000 life]

Nightmare x5
Fury of the Elements x5
Release Karma x5
Forbidden Vitamin x5
Enhancing Light x5
Withering Touch x5
Slash and Thrust x3
Tremor Punch x3
Earth Runeblade x4
Baralas' Legacy x5
Voodoo Head x5
Wizard Earthen Grip x5
Colithon Skull x2
Magebane Poison x5
Lay Bare x2

Need some luck though. ^^

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