Caldera of the Flame (Draka)

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Caldera of the Flame (Draka)

Post  Mierin on Sun Dec 04, 2011 2:51 pm

Don't think the success rate is very high (lacking some stuff, and some other tweaks).

I did not get any special charm from this one, so I think I'm missing something else (perhaps willpower destruction or something).

Key charms: - summon, mana needles, bane extenders, ward, banes.

Gear 'Caldera' By Eronaile: (64 charms)

Demoncrusher x1
Banishment x2
Mana Rupture x5
The God's Promise x5
Pacify x5
Severing Slicers x4
Word of Solitude x3
Side Effect x5
Staff of Decay x5
Shifting Scourge x3
Blood Aegis x5
Unholy Mark x5
Petrification x3
Persistent Disease x5
Left Ear of Menithos x5
Mana Needle x3

Gear 'Caldera' (64 charms)
Melee: 164 (45% P), destroy 40 armor
Magic: 392 (19% P), destroy 165 ward
Shifting: 129

Armor: 10 cumulative
Ward: 570 + 10 cumulative

Extra attacks: 10
Banes: 8
Auras: 13
Focus: 3 (27)


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Post  damonbeutler on Mon Apr 16, 2012 2:52 pm

Gear Caldera of the Flame: (67 charms)

For special drop:
Ritual of Binding x5

Pyric Charge x5

Mana Needle x5

Summon reducer:
Luminous Idea x5
Pacify x5
Banishment x5

Summon reducer and heal:
The God's Promise x5

Summon reducer and bane:
Black Death x5
Culling Barbs x5

Bane and armor/ward:
Shifting Scourge x5

Bane and bane extender:
Grim Presence x5
Gentleman's Sport x2
Exacerbating Talons x5
Poisoner's Pride x5


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