Forge of Circinus (Windscar)

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Forge of Circinus (Windscar)

Post  Mierin on Sun Dec 04, 2011 3:40 pm

Step 1: Defeat Murder of Prelex fight 2 while playing Kyud's Analyzer. Note, it has to be played in the fight, not enough to have it in your deck.

You will receive a nonsense clue. (Analysis Report: Hammond's Dagger.)

Step 2: Explore in Windscar. You will discover Antechamber of Circinus.

You will instantly lose if you play a large weapon or support rune. They are immune to the next five direct magic attacks which leaves small weapon rune gears (twin blades, swords, fists) or indirect auras.

Gear 'Antechamber Circinus' By Mierin: (65 charms)

Crystalline Ice x5
Arctic Winds x5
The God's Promise x5
Modulation Crystal x4
Crystal of the Dawn x5
Marduk's Blessing x5
Searing Halo x5
Scepter of Gregorius x2
Claws of Dark Wisdom x5
Star Gauntlets x5
Sandsteel Shield x3
Emblem of Support x5
Ice Melter x5
Pale Wyvern Eye x5
Pyric Charge x1

Gear 'Antechamber Circinus' (65 charms)
Melee: 155, destroy 75 armor
Magic: 50 (50% P)

Armor: 1591
Ward: 500 cumulative
Willpower: 4 cumulative

Banes: 5
Auras: 37

Step 3: Explore again to discover the actual forge.


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