Forge of Caelum (Night Tear)

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Forge of Caelum (Night Tear)

Post  Mierin on Fri Dec 09, 2011 2:18 pm

Epic Spear, Mace, Axe

1. Defeate King of No Man fight 4 while playing Kyud's Analyzer.
2. Gather in Night Tear.
3. Avoid Support (Summon, Buff, Debuff, Tech) and Small weapon (Fist, Sword, Twin blades) charms.

Gear 'Antechamber Caelum' By Mierin: (64 charms)

Slash and Thrust x5
Grounding Lance x5
Mana-Powered Thruster x5
Colithon Spear x5
Niflungar Lance x5
Niflungar Spear x5
Bull-Faced Banner x5
Echoing Lance x4
Crystal Dragonfang x5
Runeflow Hammer x5
Hyphused Swinger x4
Hyphused Piercer x5
Good Night x5
Hyphused Crusher x1

Gear 'Antechamber Caelum' (64 charms)
Melee: 2691 + 90 (13% P)

Armor: 1044 cumulative
Ward: 130 cumulative

Banes: 10
Auras: 19


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