Mirage tower solved (off the net)

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Mirage tower solved (off the net)

Post  anitathegreat on Fri Sep 07, 2012 5:45 pm

Mirage Tower solved.
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Mirage Tower solved.
blueddict on Fri Jul 02, 2010 8:56 am

.Unfortunately, I don't know the requirements for finding the Burnt-Down Tree event. Maybe it requires just to defeat Wilrynn in Last Echo of Thunder.

Go to Night Tear and, from Burnt-Down Tree event, get "Wilrynn's Corpse Dust".
Go to Gaea's Dawn and, from Yaxion's Remains event, get "Massive Dragon Skull".
Go to Wildhowl and, from Emerald Coast event, get "Unsealed Letter".
Go to Draka and, from Salamath's Hidden Lab event, get the charm "Dusty Gyrometer".
Go to Lumina and, for 4 days, go to the academy and learn Physics R1.
Go to Triland and finish the Mirage Tower using the Dusty Gyrometer and some flat damage (no ongoing due to dusty's self normalize).

Burnt-Down Tree gear used by me:

Gear 'Burnt Tree' By Blueddict: (60 charms)
Unholy Claw x5
Maxim's Special x5
Poison Igniter x5
Nightmare x5
Death Sentence x5
Side Effect x5
Persistent Disease x5
Power Leak x5
Hateful Flame x5
Shatter Hope x5
Looming Terror x5
Moondrop Water x5

Melee: 220 (27% P)
Magic: 60 (20% P)
Spirit: destroy 35 willpower
Banes: 40
Auras: 5

Tactic: destroy ward, debuff, bane.

Yaxion's Remains gear:

Gear 'Yaxion Remains' By Blueddict: (61 charms)
Blood Pact x5
Rogue Death Dance x5
Rogue Blade Rain x5
Rogue Throwing Knives x5
Hyphused Swinger x5
Hyphused Slasher x5
Hyphused Crusher x4
Hyphused Thruster x5
Hyphused Piercer x5
Inspiring Spear x2
Hyphused Beater x5
Night Cloak x5
Release Karma x5

Melee: 1156 (9% P), destroy 95 armor
Armor: 93 cumulative
Willpower: 20
Extra attacks: 5
Banes: 5

Tactic: CPB, Target All Enemies charms: Rogue stuff, or Banishing Flame Stone / Deflagration. More charms here.

Emerald Coast gear:

Gear 'Emerald Coast' By Blueddict: (40 charms)
Dark Heirloom x5
Mind Cry x5
Psychic Cry x5
Soul Feast x5
Echo Shield x5
Shield of the Whale x5
Nerman's Defender x5
Woeful's Whip x5

Melee: 135 (20% P)
Spirit: 40 damage
Armor: 1175 + 550 cumulative
Ward: 225 cumulative
Auras: 10
Protect: 10 (85)

Tactic: Spirit them. +spirit and target all enemies. Psychic Cry / Mind Cry and Dark Heirloom, for example, although, you should make a gear full of spirit charms, just in case. Maybe some debuffs, just in case your spirit gear isn't that great.

Salamath's Hidden Lab gear:

Gear 'Salamath Lab' By Blueddict: (15 charms)
Mana Needle x5
Deflagration x5
Banishing Flame Stone x5

Magic: 360 (24% P)

Mana Needle + magic target all enemies charms (Banishing Flame Stone / Deflagration).

Mirage Tower gear:


Dusty Gyrometer + non-ongoing damage charms. These charms should have either very high penetration, very high armor/ward destruction or just very high damage. They should also be either melee or magic. Choose just one type.
Also, the total damage you can do should be close to 2000+ damage. Who knows when the Dusty Gyrometer will be drawn.
Mechanics: Dusty Gyrometer will kill Lez..

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