Forge of Antila (Eversweep)

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Forge of Antila (Eversweep)

Post  Mierin on Tue Dec 06, 2011 12:07 pm

Earth, Holy and Frost epic charms.

1. Burdens of Faith, fight 4. Play a Kyud's Analyzer during that encounter.

2. Gather in Eversweep to discover the Antechamber of Antila.

3. Beat the Antechamber of Antila.

Prohibited runes: Large weapons, small weapons, kata.
The mob also cleanses.

Defeat using magic cpb (be careful not to include any fire, lightning or shadow runes). Aura projection likely works just as well.

Gear 'Antechamber Antila' By Mierin: (65 charms)

Icy Winds x5
Enhancing Light x5
Trailblazer x5
Ice Tomb x5
Lightflake x5
Taste of the First Snow x1
Winter Celebration x5
Hailstorm x5
Ice of Colith x5
Frozen Grave x5
Ice Spikes x5
Permafrost x5
The God's Promise x5
Light of Colith x4

Gear 'Antechamber Antila' (65 charms)
Melee: 60 (20% P)
Magic: 1045 (38% P)
Shifting: 85 (20% P)

Armor: 320 cumulative
Ward: 413 cumulative

Extra attacks: 5
Auras: 19

4. Gather again to discover the forge.


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